Friday, 1 February 2013

"What's in a name?

I've heard of a few phrases time and time again ..'What’s in a name? ' or as Shakespeare's Juliet said
 ' A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet ‘ .

It’s right now when I was racking my brains to think of an interesting, witty , catchy name for my new blog that I realized how aptly befitting these above phrases are.

See, I have always wanted to write...for a long time .  Period. I was reared on books from a young age and used to always dream of writing something and seeing that in print. I’ve written  a few articles  but most of them are forgotten /lost for eternity in crashed hard drives and the few ones that did make it to print in school/college magazines must be collecting dust in some attic.

Which brings me back to the present. This was a morning  as usual . Did not think for one moment that something as life- changing as CREATING  MY OWN BLOG could take place. I was randomly surfing through face book and reading the news online with my morning cuppa , when I chanced  upon an extremely well written post on a blog.

Which of course set me thinking. Why can’t I write too ? I must admit here that I’ve tried to write thrillers/ novels so many times in the past  and never got past the title and the first page ( hanging my head in shame) .

So back to the topic , why cant I try again ? Even if I’ve zero  readers why shouldn’t I write and get the satisfaction of seeing something published online? So thus began the rapid quest to find free blogging sites, that do not require fee for domain registration blah blah.

Created own account and then guess what ! It was asking me for a blog name . You would guess this was the easiest part but no , I was  sadly mistaken . I wanted my blog to be something on the lines of lightly philosophical, witty , fun and you get the picture right. So wanted to name it something on the lines of love life, fun etc etc.  I decided to give the blog some random name and then make up the theme/ change the name as I go along. Then   thought let me quickly check what the blogging pundits have to say about choosing blog  names and oh gosh !

I mean there was plenty of good advice and very well written posts but something’s I found it quite funny given my current circumstance. Tips like ‘ Choose your  blog name and domain name wisely as it’s your brand’ . The best one would have to be ‘not to change blog names too often as the readers would get confused  and traffic to your site would get disrupted ‘. This bought a smile to my face as I cannot ever  imagine me having a troop of  loyal readers following my every post and then getting miffed because I keep changing the blog name. Hilarious right!

So anyway , a tiny bit of that  advice must have seeped through my thick skull , because then I started thinking of more creative names and finally came up with ‘ Faux Sense’ . Let me clarify , I’m no expert on the French language, so don’t be fooled by the ‘Faux’ . Infact the ONLY French word I can confidently say is  bon jour .  Also the title is not very positive, I mean if  the blog starts off with faux , it cannot be very positive right. But I’m  hoping to write very positive , insightful , airy , witty  posts on this space .:)

If my themes change down the line, so will the blog name and you my dear (non – existent) reader, will be the first to know !:)

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