Hello there and a warm welcome to this space. This blog is a humble attempt to focus on life, its intricacies, events and places.

So what makes this blog different from the millions of other great blogs floating around? Well, simply put, NOTHING.

I’m not an accomplished writer, haven’t got any books published till date, don’t hold a degree in Literature or Mass Com. Don’t even have a degree in general psychology or behavioral psychology, so I’m not the best person to preach about life. Neither am I old enough(yet) to say that I’ve a wealth of experience behind me to write about life.

Are you still reading? :)  Thanks for sticking with me so far.:)

What I do possess is the ability not to take myself too seriously and to have a humorous outlook on life (to be totally honest, not all the time). There are times when I think I might be a bit bi –polar and schizophrenic, but well aren’t we all in some way or the other ? :)

So this blog is an attempt to channel my energy into something written, something positive. The posts in the blog may bring a smile to your face or may set you thinking (or worst case scenario, you might just end up saying ‘what a load of bull s**t’)  :)

Well, in any which case, I welcome all your feedback and constructive criticism. I really really want to hear what you have to say, your views, your stories, your ideas, your thoughts. 

While constructive criticism or difference of opinion is welcome and encouraged, I do hope you will be nice and not spam or abuse or use strong language. I treat everyone with respect, both online and offline, so I do hope you will extend the same courtesy to me.

Well that’s about it for now. Hope you enjoy the posts. 

Stay happy !

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