Saturday, 16 September 2017

Don't be fooled

Image Courtesy: Deviantart

Have you ever been fooled by sunshine?
When you thought the day was going to be bright.
But there was a dark thundercloud lurking,
Full of hail.
Just when you decided to leave your armor behind and bare your soul
To sunshine,
Suddenly you find yourself inundated by hailstones,
And you are left wondering 
Why didn't I see that coming?

To judge the average climate of a place,
Or a person's soul.
Don't be fooled by bouts of sunshine,
Or bouts of storm.
For the storm could be just a passing thing,
That hides the real sunshine 
Of a place,
Or a person's soul.

True averages are calculated over a long period
That's how you judge the true climate 
Of a place,
Or a person's soul.

Don't be fooled 
By first impressions
Or the second
Or the third
Or the fourth or fifth.
Don't be fooled by bouts of sunshine,
Or bouts of  storm.
Give it a chance.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Two Sides


Every story has two sides.
Every disagreement has two sides.
Someone's music is another's noise.
Someone's fight for freedom is another's war on terror.
Someone's paradise is another's hell.

Every person has two sides too,
One that is the public persona, the joy and sweetness and light.
The other one that houses our deepest darkest fears, our insecurities and all that goes against our might.

It's been taught to always bring your 'best' side, out of the house, to work, to society
Now the norm is to display your best side on social media too.
The compelling Instapic that tells your story,
The post which shows your interest in certain causes,
The perfectly crafted Linkedin profile to showcase your skill,
The intelligent tweet/ retweet that reiterates your intelligence to your followers.

Is anything in our lives really true anymore in the true sense of being?

We have reached a heightened state of being 
Where there is no scope, no leeway, no latitude to consider the other person's point of view.
Why is that? 
It's because we are so unaccepting of our own flaws that we cannot bear to see the cracks in someone else.
We are so sure in our knowledge and so utterly convinced that what we do and think is right,
Then that must mean the other person is wrong.

Never before has a generation been so obsessed with perceived 'perfection' in all aspects of our lives.
Never before has a generation constantly been compared to how everyone else is doing, thinking, feeling, saying.
Never before a generation been put under so much 'perceived' stress.

How does everyone in this interconnected web of deceit get out of this? 
For starters, learn to show and share your true feelings. Start with your loved ones, your work mates, your friends.
It's okay to disagree, it's okay to have a different point of view, it's okay to have a bad day.
It’s okay not to be perfect all the time.
Perfection as we see it, has two sides too.