Saturday, 2 February 2013

Mrs. Doubtfire

In  my first post , my dear readers , I had recounted how this blog came about and more importantly how the blog name came about :) .My dear friend Sangeeta warned me a couple of times to think over the names and choose one wisely .  I pondered on the  shortlisted names on the note pad( a measly number of 2 shortlists)   for all about 10 whole minutes and being the flighty , impulsive girl that I am , picked on Faux Sense. Thought to myself, hey it’s not like naming a baby , I can certainly change this down the line if I’m not happy.

Now 24 hours later,as the feeling is sinking in that I’m actually the owner of a blog , I’m petrified if I’ve made the right choice. Will I be able to sustain, nourish and grow old with this blog ( and the blog name) . I’m as terrified as a new born parent and boy do I know now what parenting feels like J ( alright, this is bit of an exaggeration but I’ve been breaking out in cold sweats ,pondering over the future of this tiny space in cyber universe , where  there are millions of great blogs floating around.

What’s the big deal , you might ask  in creating  a blog ? Anyone can do it and so what if no one reads it and it dies a certain death ,big deal right? Well I would say , it’s kinda big deal for me cause it took me a certain amount of courage to create one ( admittedly  this is free, so I don’t have to worry on ROI because I’ve haven’t invested any money into this . What I’ve and will be investing is my time and emotions and that my dear friend is a much  more scarier thought. Would I have been better just watching another episode of Big Bang Theory instead of writing posts – only time will tell  .

Anyway , I tell myself sternly . Tiny baby steps . Crawl before you walk and walk before you run , I admonish myself.

So my next post is going to be dedicated to the subject of Faux . I’ve do the title of the  blog some justice ,so will be racking my brains for content on my next post.

Note to self : Don’t be impulsive, flighty and heady when it comes to naming our kids in future. Could spend the rest of the life  second guessing if the choice of name was right :)

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