Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Feel the Beat

You Feel the Beat
You are the Head Banger
You are the Foot Tapper
You are the one who has attempted to practice mindfulness and meditation
But quickly realized that even the simple act of concentrating on your own breathing for a few minutes,
Is plain torture.
As you are wildly impatient,
And your mind can't be stilled,
Not even for a few minutes.
Your neurons are always at work overtime,
Trying to process everything that is going on in your mind,
Juggling the different acts and spinning plates.

Suddenly one day you realize that instead of concentrated mindfulness,
You realize being mindful of the music in your ears,
In your soul,
Is more than enough.
The rhythm that sets your head banging,
And foot tapping,
In a packed train of commuters or walking on a crowded street.

While waiting for the traffic lights to change,  you look across the street and see another head banger.
Your eyes meet for a second,
And you share a knowing smile.
Two kindred spirits,
Connected for a split second by this act.
The lights change,
And you disappear back into your individual headspace,
Into your individual rhythms, dancing on your own.
The brief respite from the demands of the day,
Your own time, your personal time,
Before you need to pick up all the spinning plates and juggling acts again.

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