Tuesday, 4 September 2018

The Lioness Den- Entrepreneurship Programme for long- suffering wives

Have you seen the Dragon's Den series? It is/was a fairly popular TV show in UK and Ireland, where entrepreneurs with a product idea come into the Den(Studio) and pitch their idea for funding to a group of cash rich investors (Dragons). These series are in the news recently as 3 of the Dragons are contenders in the upcoming Irish Presidential elections. Interestingly enough, one of the Dragons is my ex boss. If my former boss wins this election, then Irish Civil Services, here I come😂

Anyway, reading this news took me back to the days when I used to watch this show on telly and started thinking more on the lines of this, there needs to be a similar series focused on inventions that will make the domestic lives of long-suffering wives/ girlfriends/ moms easier.


Here are a few ideas I came up with:

1) The Laundry Sniffer :-

Tired of sniffing clothes lounging on 'The Chair' or on hooks that your other half's been piling for wearing 'another day'? Are your Olfactory Neurons dying a slow death, one by one?

Enter, the Laundry Sniffer! This tiny device can be held against the suspicious clothes and it will turn colour and emanate beeps to warn you.
A) Orange- Neutral- Can survive another week on the door hook or chair until it wrecks your head and you throw it in the laundry.
B) Green- Proceed with Caution. Needs a wash for sure but not danger-level radiation yet.
C) Red- STOP. Use gloves or tongs to pick up this piece and hurl them into the wash.

Your Olfactory Neurons will do a thank-you jig inside.

2) The Dishwasher Re- arranger:-
Does your other half feel guilty sometimes (read once in a blue-moon) and offer to help you load the dishwasher? And against your better judgement and given the fact that your bones are giving up on you, you take up on the offer. You come back and check the dishwasher after it's been loaded and all hell breaks loose! You realise that the spoons and forks are all upside down (Does anyone else have a problem with this or is it just me), the other bits of cutlery are not in their 'logical' assigned places?

Instead of an argument , Enter the Dishwasher Re- arranger. This little beauty can fix itself to any dishwasher and will re-arrange all the dishes to your liking and preference (Your preferences need to be programmed in only once)

Happy dishes, Happy you (And Happy Spouse)

3) The Sockbot:-
Now this one takes the prize for the best product idea, even though I do say it myself.
Are you tired of buying endless socks for your kids because one of the pair seems to mysteriously disappear every time it comes out of the wash? It is not the end of the world if both from the same pair and pattern go missing, but I ALWAYS seem to lose just one from the pair.

What are your options during the rush-time morning's when you can't find a matching pair for your child?
A) Throw a fit
B) Send your child in mismatched socks (And do the walk of shame while other mothers look on and judge you)
C) Call in sick at work and spend the day alternating between sobbing into your pillow and watching Netflix.
Use the Sockbot! Feed the bot with the image and pattern of your sock, and this tiny device will crawl into all the corners and crevices in your house and locate the missing sock.

Till death do us part, missing Sockie!

4) Snore Blocker Pillow with white noise:-
As a mom, do you get by with less than 4 hours of 'good' sleep every night. Out of those 4 hours, is the snoring by your other half, making you want to commit murder and bury the body? (Dial M for Murder)

Presenting to you suffering ladies of this realm- The Snore Blocker Pillow with white noise! As soon as the snoring levels beside you raise to an intolerable decibel, your pillow will start emanating white noise to counter the noise from the snores. No more eviction to the couches, spare rooms or pull out sofas , no more murder planning.

Ta da, lead a happy married life! :)

What do you guys think? Time to start looking at manufacturers in China and get the prototypes ready?

Any other product ideas? Let me know in the comments.