Sunday, 7 January 2018

The Thin Line

The thin line is a very narrow division that sets apart two very different realities.
Based on which side of the line we are on, it can alter our perception of the world.  
Or where and when we cross the line,
It can irrevocably alter our reality as we know it.

To the individual, his side of the thin line feels right
And he does not know (or does not want to know) if it's the right side of the line or not.

The thin line between Attraction and Infatuation.
Between Infatuation and Love.
Between Love and Desire.
Between Indifference and Rejection.
Between being Alone and being Lonely.

The thin line between Trust and Naivety.
Between Assertion and Arrogance.
Between Submissiveness and Bondage.
Between Living and being Alive

The thin line between Patriotism and Xenophobia.
Between Religious and Fanatic.
Between Just Activism and Extremism.
Between Pragmatism and Idealism.

The thin line between Dignity and Impropriety.
Between Sobriety and Impracticality.
Between Tipsiness and Intoxication.
Between Experimentation and Addiction.

These lines keep shifting, changing
Like patterns on the sand dunes.
Depending on which way the wind blows,
and what's accepted by the society, the collective conscience.
But there are a few individuals whose inner voice is louder than the voices outside,
And it's these individuals that perpetually battle with oneself to be on the 'right' side of the line.

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