Wednesday, 7 November 2018

The Lake

Have you ever been mesmerized by someone 
So utterly bewitching and baffling at the same time
It's maddening but enthralling
Like a drug, an elixir.
So bad for you, but oh so good.

Her moods can vary from passionate fire to icy disdain.
Depends on what she has read or seen, 
Could be due to perceived or real injustices.
Or her moods could get set off due to the ignorant remarks from people around her.
Or unkindness.
Or the fact it rained when the forecast said sunshine.
Her moods are like the colors of the rainbow,
It can go from yellow to grey to black in seconds.
And may God give you strength if you can't keep up.

The last thing she will ever be is tepid, or worst, boring.
She is never going to be a wallpaper, blending into the background.
If she chooses not to be the brightly lit centerpiece, she sure as hell will be the billowing curtain in the wind, in the corner.
In the sidelines for the moment, but making a vortex of her own. 

With her high standards and idealisms, it isn't easy  being her,
And she knows it.
Is completely aware of her flaws, maybe even too self-aware.
It isn't easy for anyone to be around her either,
But still looks like people choose to stick by her.


Because she can warm your heart with an absurd comment.
Or set you roaring in splits of laughter with her goofiness.
Hack away at your barrier and analyze the real you, hidden to most others.
But her frown can set you mildly panicking inside,
And her icy demeanor and the burning coals in her irides can freeze your heart until it is numb
And you can feel no more.
But the worst for you is when she looks sad and defeated, disappointed.
That you cannot bear, cannot handle.

You still goad her at every opportunity and try to get a reaction.
Any reaction is worthwhile to you,
Except for ice.
Fire is fine, you can handle fire, heat is good
You can handle being burnt alive at the stake
Consumed in your desire to piece together this enigma, your muse.

Maybe she will mellow one day and you will get to see only her smooth unruffled side.
No meandering of the stream, no resounding crashes of the waves, no waterfalls.
Just the glassy stillness of the lake.

But the question is 
Do you really want to see only the lake?

Pic courtesy: Demo.Wpzoom

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